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Created by amit_upadhyay on Sun, 09 Oct 2016 22:44:31 GMT

JavaScript engine.

When this language JavaScript was create then the only purpose of JavaScript was to run it within the

boundaries of web browser. So basic objective of JavaScript was to manipulate DOM(Document Object

Model) things of the web page. JavaScript has some beautiful features and because of that only

JavaScript was chosen to implement Node.js engine on the server side. Node.js made possible to run

JavaScript on server side.

V8 JavaScript Engine

• JavaScript inside Node.js is executed by the V8 JavaScript engine.

• V8 is the part of Google Chrome browser that runs the JavaScript when you visit a web page.

• V8 and its speed is a very important factor.

• Other than speed, another reason for using V8 is that Google engineers made it easy to integrate

into other projects, and that it is platform independent.

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